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Try hot yoga for a month for £39.

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Welcome to Fierce Grace Brixton, London

At our Brixton yoga studio we are passionate about hot yoga and giving our practitioners the chance to achieve strength and flexibility for both mind and body.

At Fierce Grace, we are proud to offer a unique and beneficial yoga system for everyone, based on classical Hatha, Bikram and Astanga yoga styles. Our series of  different yoga classes apply the same core poses and principles, each having a different emphasis, duration and intensity; perfect for hot yoga beginners to advanced practitioners looking for complete well-being.

Our South London yoga studio is perfectly situated, less than 5 minutes from Brixton tube station and with only 7 minutes to Victoria Station, de-stressing in a hot yoga class after a long day in the city could not be easier. Learn more about us or book a class with us today!

Our classes

Choose your class from Classic, Fierce Grace, Fierce Grace 60, Fierce Grace 2, Deep Core, Beast, and Stiff, Old or Broken. Class durations range from 50 minutes to 1 hour 45 minutes.

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Call us on 020 3719 3394 or send us a message online.

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First Membership

First Month £39

After 1 month £39 trial, membership is £109 per month. Cancel easily, anytime, no minimum commitment.

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Yoga etiquette

  1. Always try to arrive at least 15 minutes before your hot yoga class so you can get ready and settled in the studio.
  2. On arrival, please remove your shoes and leave them in the shoe rack as our yoga studio is a shoe-free zone.
  3. Please avoid using heavy scents or colognes or using deodorant sprays in the changing rooms.
  4. Once in the yoga room, please observe that it is a quiet space, so please do not talk or use your mobile phone. Place your mat at a convenient place on the floor, and put a towel on top of it.
  5. During class, feel free to take as many breaks as you feel are necessary – but always remember that the more breaks you take the less benefits you will get!
  6. When class is over, please feel free to continue relaxing and meditating. Remember to leave the yoga room as quietly as possible so as not to disturb others who are completing their class in their own way.

Full week schedule

The studio is BEAUTIFUL – well done!! Top marks to you for cleanliness, adequacy of changing space, a pleasant aesthetic and a welcoming ambiance. Fierce Grace classes are the oasis of my day - if I could fit one in every day I would. I always feel better after a class, more clear-headed and revitalised.

From the queries on the front desk to the care and attention paid by the instructor in the studio, I really like the five star service I received at Fierce Grace Brixton. First time I'm done a class and not felt ashamed to go at my own pace.

Fierce Grace Brixton has helped me find the path towards core stability and effective management of my own tension and stress levels: and it's fun. The content of the classes is GENIUS. I love Fierce Grace, my body needs Core, and Classic is like a great Bikram class with a bonus.

The overall studio energy is so POSITIVE and not to be taken for granted – I know that it doesn’t happen by accident! Congratulations to the creators – this is a fantastic, comprehensive yoga experience.

I’ve been to many yoga studios here and abroad and I can honestly say that your staff have created the most welcoming atmosphere of any studio anywhere. What can I say? It's like at the age of 49 I've discovered my preferred form of exercise. I have lost weight (about 2 stone) and am stronger all round.

I love everything about this studio. I live in Tring in Hertfordshire and I work in and around London. I love the Brixton studio so much I travel to it no matter what. It has the best instructors. It's really modern and clean and I love the staff that work there, so professional and polite. I recommend it to friends and clients all the time.

I’ve lost nearly 3 stones in weight since January; FG yoga seems to curb my usually insatiable appetite! I’m told that I look radiant and I really do feel it. Someone said I looked in my 20’s the other day; I’m 40! What a compliment. Thank you Fierce Grace, you’ve truly changed my life. I love the teachers and the music and the place is always very clean. I don’t have any gripes tbh.