10 reasons Brixton is the place to be

By 3 February 2015News
Brixton Village market

Brixton, steeped in culture, is a perfect place to wander around; absorbing the sights and smells of this buzzing environ, it is impossible to ignore the overwhelming ambience and sense of community.  Here’s what we think are the highlights of living and breathing in this well-loved town huddled in amongst our South London neighbours…

  1. The food – That Brixton Village offers a plethora of high-quality cafes and restaurants is strikingly obvious, offering a broad range of cuisine from all corners of the earth, particularly the Caribbean.
  2. The shopping – dotted in and amongst the food stalls are many exciting and quirky shops,  whether you’re looking for a vintage fur coat, a handmade bespoke necklace or a bauhaus lamp, you’re sure to find it here.  Oh, and we have our own department store.  Take that, Selfridges!
  3. The people – The very definition of the phrase ‘melting pot’, strolling around Brixton you will come across an exotic blend of folk, to say the very least.  From families on their way to Brockwell park, to hip young fashionistas already wearing next seasons trends and the occasional gent with a boombox slung over his shoulder playing reggae dub deafeningly loud, it’s ever evolving and always brilliant people-watching material.
  4. The Markets – Brixton is famed for its market on Electric Avenue selling fruit, veg, fish, meat and much more.  With each weekend satisfying different needs, the market on Brixton Station Road is well worth checking out after your morning yoga class.
  5. The Ritzy – this beautiful century-old cinema is a Brixton landmark and institution.  Famously accused of having a left-wing agenda in the ’80’s (true?) it now has a great little music venue Upstairs with a balcony that boasts the best view across Windrush Square.
  6. The Black Cultural Archives – situated at the other end of Windrush Square, gorgeous modern renovation of a beautiful old building offers important information on Black history, which is after all, embedded into the history of Brixton itself.
  7. Brockwell Park and Lido – opened in 1937, this superb art-deco grade II listed building is worth a visit for the architecture alone. One of London’s few remaining outdoor swimming pools, it is open 7 days a week all year round for the brave, the fit and the just plain mad. Climb the hill of the accompanying Brockwell Park, home of the annual Lambeth Country Show, to gaze upon London’s toy-like skyline in the distance.
  8. The music – from the ever-welcome spirit-lifting steel drum players found outside Brixton tube station, to the prestigious Brixton Academy, it’s clear to see Brixton offers a fertile creative hub for all types of musicians. The Academy is one of London’s leading music venues, with an in-tact original art-deco interior, offering a broad range of acts bringing crowds from all over the country.  Notable musical Brixtonites include: David Bowie, Dillinja, La Roux and The Clash’s Paul Simonon.
  9. The nightlife – one only need venture down Brixton road on a Friday night to join the stream of hubbub, with such a high saturation of bars and pubs, (there really are too many to name!) it seems needless to travel anywhere else for your weekend fun.
  10. And last but not least… Fierce Grace Brixton, of course. But you already knew that 😉

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