Breakfasts to make the night before

By 27 March 2017News
Healthy breakfast

As we discovered earlier in the month, prepping your work-out gear in your bag (or in some cases, even going to bed in it!) encourages you to jump out of bed first thing and leave the house without too much forward thinking about the day ahead.

Beware the breakfast debacle. Yes, coffee shops sell nice pastries and coffees and are open pretty early, but that’s not exactly the best food for you before or after class.

Similar to leaving your trainers beside the door to encourage you out into the morning light; making a delicious breakfast ahead can spur you on to those 6.30am and 7am classes. Think of it as a dangling carrot whilst in plank and how much better it will taste after a good sweaty 90 minutes!

We thought we’d give you some inspiration to get you going, and they’re really quite simple – you won’t need your own cow or food dehydrator. (Although we hear the latter are pretty good.)

  • Overnight Oats. The classic leave-them-in-a-bowl-to-do-their-thing breakfast. Oats, water, bowl, then leave then overnight (clue is in the title) and they’ve softened whilst you slept. Chuck in some frozen berries, a bit on honey, dates, maybe some dark chocolate if you’re feeling adventurous or swirl in some yummy nut butter. Breakfast that doesn’t need heating – just eating!
  • Frittata. Not just reserved for Tapas restaurants or days when you haven’t been shopping. The humble frittata can be a wonderful breakfast. Just fill it with any veggies and herbs you have around, whisk up some eggs and heat in a pan. Cut it into slices and pack away for the morning.
  • Breakfast Bars. A good idea to make these in a batch for the week ahead. A mixture of oats, dried fruits, honey/ molasses, seeds, banana. These perfect bites can be even be eaten on the tube! We love this nutty recipe from the Minimalist Baker.
  • Chia Seed Pudding (if you’re feeling fancy). Chia seeds are naturally high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Combine with almond milk, cinnamon, maple syrup and fresh fruit. This recipe from Veganista looks especially juicy.
  • Smoothie. Our old favourite. Super easy to pile in a load of greens, some fruits and coconut water. Frozen fruit is great for this too. Add some hemp seeds, spirulina or protein powder for an extra bit of oomph. Just remember to blitz it before you leave your house in the morning… Good morning neighbours!

So there we have it, preparation is top for coming to early morning classes. Make something delicious that you’ll really look forward to and you’ll be bouncing out of in no time!