5 Fierce ways to cool down when it’s hot, hot, hot

By 7 July 2015News
Brixton Hill, City of London, in the summer heatwave

We love a heatwave

I mean we love hot yoga, so it’s probably no surprise that seeing the thermometer climb up to the 30s and beyond fills us with glee. If there’s one thing Fierce Grace members know about, it’s how to stay cool when the temperature rises, but we thought we would share our favourite five this week – let us know what you like to do…

  1. Have an after work swim in the Lido, aka Brixton Beach.
    You might find your practice changes in the summer – the early mornings mean some of us are more inclined to get up early and exercise than in the long nights of winter. So a morning yoga practice at Fierce Grace Brixton is perfectly complemented by an after work swim at Brockwell Lido. Yes, this brilliantly cool outdoor pool is unheated, but by this time of year the water is refreshing rather than shriekingly cold.
  2. Lick ice cream.
    Preferably a gelato from Brixton Village’s very own LAB G.  Seasonal flavours, home made, utterly amazing. You’ll never look at a Mr Whippy the same way again.
  3. Indulge in a Frozen Passionfruit Daiquiri at Shrub & Shutter.
    Nothing says summer like a frozen cocktail, but frozen margaritas are old news. This year it’s all about the daiquiris. Obviously only if one is already hydrated. But we know you hot yogis know all about hydration.
  4. Keep your sheets in the fridge.
    Get all ‘New Yoik’ when its too hot for duvets and keep your bed sheet in the fridge (wrapped in a plastic bag unless you want to smell of the contents).  Just take it out before you go to bed. It’s cool, you can thank us later.
  5. Eat a curry from Elephant.
    The best example of Pakistani food in Brixton, one of the thalis at Elephant will not only fill you up, but also help you cool down. They’re in the Granville Arcade. Their mango lassis are also remarkable.