Our Brixton studio manager, Arkadiusz is leaving us at the end of the month. We’ll all be very sad to to see him go as he’s brought many successful changes to the studio, not to mention being a great guy to have around!  We chatted to him about how he’s found the last 18 months and what he’s up to next…

What brought you to Fierce Grace Brixton?

I was working for large corporate fitness companies for quite some time and I was longing for change. I wanted to see direct impact within a business and find more rewarding job. I found it all at Fierce Grace Brixton, where I’ve found that both members and the studio team were receptive and appreciative of bringing in new, positive changes.

How have you found the last 18 months?

Without a doubt I can say that it was the most rewarding job in my life so far. Having great feedback from our members and seeing the studio evolve has made me very proud.

What would you say is your biggest achievement at the studio?

I think it would be acquiring and listening to members’ feedback. We have introduced email and text message feedback campaigns and we’ve implemented a lot of changes suggested by members including: wet kit bags in changing rooms, shelving for accessories in the studio, easier to use lockers and a new line of clothing available at the studio. I’m also really proud of the 100% positive feedback about the team and our interaction with members.

Where are you going next?

I will be travelling for a while now and then working as a freelance consultant for fitness and yoga studios to help develop business growth. I am excited about my digital nomad project!

Favourite thing to do in Brixton?

Tough one! What I love about Brixton is the diversity. I can have lunch with my Caribbean friend in a restaurant run by Italians, go for drinks with Scottish girl and get cockney lessons from my gym buddies. So if I had to choose one thing: my favourite thing to do is to meet new people in Brixton.

What will you miss?

Exactly that! I love how vibrant Brixton is and I will miss that the most.. and also the brilliant team here.

Anything else to add.

I will pop over next time I am in London – so be ready for me!


Thanks Arkadiusz and all the best with your new freelance life. Definitely come back and visit us soon!