FG2 exclusive preview at FGB

By 17 November 2016News
Christmas hats

It’s our birthday soon and we are celebrating BIG this year

Not only are we having a party – to which you are most cordially invited, more details below – but Fierce Grace founder Michele Pernetta is hosting a very special class indeed. Yes, the rumours are true, a new class is being launched and Michele will be revealing all on the 3rd December. Sign up now to try FG 2 before it launches next year…

What is FG2?

In Michele’s own words: “An alchemical mix of structure and freedom. The popular Fierce Grace format gives rise to the unknown. Launch into unchartered territory with a safety net below your bare feet.”

This class, building on the Fierce Grace format you know, allows you to explore variations, the unexpected, optional advanced poses and surprises. Beginners can enjoy this class as much as intermediate or advanced FG’ers, so you can move your practise along wherever openings occur for you.

This class is about working to your own ability, but also forming a bridge between a general class and the advanced and it’s sequenced to embrace all levels, so for anyone who has feared Fierce (aka, the Beast), this class will help you make friends with it. More experienced students can enjoy a deeper exploration of advanced poses, while beginners can remain safely in the earlier expression of the pose.

When can I try it?

You clamour. Sign up now as Michele will be teaching this class on 3rd December at 5.00pm and space is limited to the studio size. Just email us or speak to someone at reception.

And what about the party?

It all kicks off at the studio at 7pm, as you would expect from us there will be delicious food, Miss Cupcake’s frankly amazing vegan cupcakes, cocktails, mocktails and some tunes.

And if that’s not enough to entice you, we’re hosting a Friends Open Weekend 2nd – 4th December, where you can bring you non-Fierce Grace friends to class for FREE. One new friend per class and get them to sign up before arrival.

Santa hats and Christmas jumpers are strictly optional.

It’s going to be popular!