Hot yoga in seriously cool locations… book a Fierce Grace Retreat!

By 17 March 2015News
Fierce Grace yoga retreat in Tuscany, Italy

Any of you Fierce Grace Brixton members out there thinking about booking a yoga retreat this year?

Founder Michele Pernetta’s annual series of retreats have been announced and there are six incredibly tempting retreats now scheduled from June to December.

These are ‘no judgement’ yoga holidays, meaning it doesn’t matter what your level or age, you will find the retreat challenging AND fun. Crucially, you can still drink wine if you want to (unless you go on the detox retreat) – it is a HOLIDAY!

Set in beautiful locations in Tuscany, Turkey, Tenerife, Costa Rica and India, the retreats are either 4 or 7 days, and will take you through the full range of interconnected Fierce Grace classes, building from the deep practice to the more intense, with each day bringing a progression from the previous day.

You can look forward to gradually removing toxins, deepening stretch and improving fitness, and as the body opens and receives more blood flow and oxygen, strength and vitality build, allowing you to move to deeper versions of the poses.

In Michele’s own words:

“We want to put the “holiday” back into “Yoga Holiday. I firmly believe City dwellers have too many rules and obligations in their lives already. Strict discipline, early dawn starts and restrictive diets are not the model we follow. A vacation is to let go of all that rigidity, expand and allow yourselves the freedom to do what you like.

Sure, we want you attend all the classes, but if you need to sleep or go for a walk alone, we are simply glad you are following the inner guide that is waking up and telling you what you need. I don’t believe a rejuvenating yoga break is a luxury, I believe it is a necessity.”

For a chance to ‘just be’, learn, relax, make friends and Live Life with Fierce Grace, e-mail or call 0208 960 7445.