Our Brixton members just can’t get enough of a good thing! Since we introduced Primal 60 to our schedule a few months back, the feedback from our members has been fantastic! You’ve told us you feel more energised, like you’ve had a full body workout and you feel more in harmony with yourself. Pretty incredible for a 60 minute class.

We’re taking it up step with PRIMAL 75. Unleashing your inner warrior, this class returns us to our animal fluidity, our natural full range of movement and our primal instinct. Grrr!

Tell us more

Awaken your primal instincts and get in prime condition. The evolution of the Classic Class. We took the best of our foundation poses, added developments and new sequencing and created a 75 minute class that is safe for newcomers whilst moving the avid FG-o-phile into new areas. This grounding but challenging class has been reworked to include a breath led Warrior sequence, new poses, core work and arm strengthening. The simplicity of the class is balanced by its power.

Key Benefits

Skeletal alignment, strength, fluidity and stamina while freeing the breath, body, mind and soul. Suitable for all levels.

Why Primal?

We launched the Classic class as a class to transition students from Bikram to FG, and provide something familiar while introducing them to the FG deep hip opening, upper body strengthening, flowing Warrior series and core strengthening. 5 years later there is no need for a transition class as our students have evolved. Classic is being revamped and revitalised to truly sit within the FG system. It will keep classic fans developing and interested, and tempt back those who moved on from Classic as it will now take them to new areas and teach them pose developments. It concentrates on strength, breath and flow.

What’s the difference between Primal 60 and Primal 75?

You’ll have to come and find out for yourself, but we guarantee those extra 15 minutes will leave you feeing fierce!

Find Primal 75 in Brixton every Wednesday 10am

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