From the hot streets of Hong Kong to the back streets of Brixton

By 27 January 2015News
Hong Kong street

Welcome to our first Fierce Grace Brixton blog!

Where my hot yoga journey began in Hong Kong…

Opening a hot yoga studio in the ‘hot right now’ environs of Brixton might have seemed like a crazy dream when I first started practising yoga.  I was in my 20s and had been hanging out with the good time gang in Hong Kong when I realised I wasn’t having quite as good a time as I thought.

Loneliness drove me to the yoga class, in a tiny dark room on Lamma Island, Hong Kong territories. Because I had nothing else to do and I realised I didn’t really know anyone I wanted to spend time with when my chips weren’t feeling quite so chipper. Amazing how pivotal loneliness and being open to try anything to fill the void can be. It was also the place I first discovered desperately lacking it I was.

It slowly became a bigger focus in my life, and when I met my husband it was something we shared. He was a hot yoga fan and when I returned to live full time in the UK, the hot yoga studio where we practiced was a welcome reminder of the humid streets of Hong Kong, as well as a revelation to my practice.

So we got hot and sweaty together, and we started to nurture a dream. To open our own studio. In our own neighbourhood. A brand new adventure. So, as you might be able to tell, we are incredibly excited to have opened the doors to Fierce Grace Brixton and have big plans for the future. Please do come down and join us in the studio, and embark on your own hot adventure –