Member mention: Isabelle completes Paris Marathon

Isabelle completes Paris Marathon

It’s that time of year when your runner mates are pounding the pavements and parks to raise their game in the marathon world.

We catch up with FG Brixton regular, Isabelle – who’s just completed the Paris Marathon. Deep Core really saved her during her training: “My favourite thing to do is run to DC; a lovely four mile run and I’m on top of the world after, would strongly recommend!”

She even cut down on booze and partying in order to make the 9am Sunday class. Now that’s dedication!

What brought you to yoga? How long have you been practicing?

“I have been practising at Fierce Grace Brixton for two months now, I’ve dabbled in hot yoga before but never fully committed. That’s why FGB is fab, such a mixture of classes and all different lengths!

I’ve found that my outlook has changed; yoga is no hobby or exercise – it’s now an engrained part of my life. Waking up at 5.30am on a Tuesday or Thursday to make the morning classes before work doesn’t faze me: I leave ready for the day ahead and literally cannot stop smiling.

I love walking through the market enroute to the station and saying good morning to the stall owners. I can really feel the energy radiating out of me!”

How have you been finding Fierce Grace Brixton?

“About six months ago I signed up for the FULL Paris marathon, oh yes people 26.2 miles! Why on earth did I decide to do this? Well I do love a challenge; I also competed a half marathon in September and it was easier than I thought it was going to be… I should also note that my big boss at work signed up and I wanted to impress him.

Another major reason: I am 25 and it’s probably a good idea to cut down on the booze and partying. I have absolutely no regrets, my favourite part of the weekend is going to yoga on a Friday night and on a Sunday morning!”

What is your favourite class and why?

“DC has to be my favourite class; I find it a perfect level of relaxation and also a workout that gets you concentrating on your breath whilst pushing you to your limit. I visualise my core being engaged during every class, which has really impacted on my running and I genuinely believe it has make me run for longer.

My favourite thing to do is run to Deep Core; a lovely four mile run and I’m on top of the world after, would strongly recommend!”

Tell us about your Marathon training. What classes have helped?

“I have been on such a journey over the past few months – from euphoric highs to incredible lows during my training. The lows I have experienced are injuries, injuries oh wait and more injuries! I severely hurt my ankle about ten weeks ago and couldn’t train for nearly two weeks, then I fell over and grazed my leg really badly and I have also done something to my hip  – where I found that after long runs I wasn’t able to lift my leg.

Apart from the fall (as that was me being an idiot) all other injuries have been nurtured back to greatness with FG yoga. My ankle was helped by warrior pose and my hip by frog. I love that I now know my body well enough to diagnose the muscle tension and know how to work around it – I really believe that not enough people can say that.”

How has your practice changed or developed since coming to FG Brixton?

“Through incredible highs – some of the runs I have done have made me so ecstatically happy that I have  had to scream… then occasionally hysterically cry. Again aided by FG Yoga, I feel in control of my body and I know what I’m capable of. I know how to breath through pain and I know how to completely zone out and meditate.

It has been a really emotional week. When I practiced Deep Core on Friday morning – I felt on top of the world and so prepared for the marathon ahead.”

What do you like doing in Brixton?

“I love that FG is based in Brixton. I live in Forest Hill and work in Kingston so it’s a great meet in the middle. I have always felt a connection with Brixton, despite having never lived there myself. My sister moved there about ten years ago and I remember staying with her, getting my first taste of the excitement and buzz of London, going around Brixton village and exploring all the amazing food.”

Tell us a fun fact…?

“I am sat up in bed writing this at 6am. I’ve been waking up extremely early the past couple of days due to excitement and nerves. Tomorrow is the big day and I can’t stop smiling!

After two months of going to yoga 4/5 times a week I can now do downward dog and get my heels on the ground (I proudly rang my mum after class on Thursday and told her!) I am slowly getting there with compass – it’s not natural yet but I know it will be.

I am stronger and far more flexible than I ever thought possible and that just makes me want more!”

Anything else to add?

“Thank you Fierce Grace Brixton for being fab, can’t wait to keep practising!”