Keep on running with Fierce Grace Brixton

By 21 April 2015News
Runners marathon

Yes, that’s right! We have running on our mind with the London Marathon taking place this weekend and thought you might be interested to know how a regular Fierce Grace practice could benefit runners (and those wanting to start running now the sun is out). So here’s the skinny on hot yoga and how it helps the hamstrings …and the hips, and the knees, keeping them running smoothly.

A good hard stretch. Yes that’s right, a hard stretch. Not an easy, hold it for 10 seconds and start running stretch, but a deep, held, breathe into it stretch. Runners are notorious for not stretching properly (admit it!) so working a Core class into your weekly schedule, especially if you are prone to injury, is a smart way to train. So if you are the runner who is constantly running with injuries (lower back problems, inflammation, tight IT bands, plantar fasciitis, dodgy knees, etc, etc) or you know someone who is, get them running on down to Fierce Grace Brixton at least once at week.

Strengthen. The flipside to the stretch, the poses you hold in the classes are designed to strengthen your joints and the muscles that support them, as well as the fluids that cushion them and a Fierce Grace class – whether Fix, Classic or Fierce Grace – has been put together to work on every part of the body. This can help counteract the wear and tear that pounding the parks and streets causes and this is especially important around the hips, knees and ankles as they all absorb a lot of impact when running, no matter how good your trainers are.

Improved stamina. The breathing techniques you develop with a regular Fierce Grace practice will develop your lung capacity, as well as your cardiovascular and metabolic systems, which will help improve your stamina. Not only that but the focus you develop as you work through a class, and through your poses, are invaluable in improving your mental stamina (and we all know it takes a bit of that when running a marathon!)

Compelling stuff, no? We are going to be hosting a special runners class in the next few weeks, watch this space for more info. And to all our members and friends who are taking part in the London Marathon this weekend, have a great run!