Laugh trying in May

By 27 April 2017News
Laugh trying

Keep your practice Graceful

You’ve seen our posters: they say ‘Laugh Trying’ and that’s exactly what we want you to do in class.

Fall out of crow because you’re sweaty knees meet your sweaty arms: laugh. Lose your balance in Standing Bow because you headed for the ground a bit too fast: laugh about it. Uncontrollable leg shakes in scissors abs work: have a laugh at yourself. Easy.

It’s healthy to laugh and let it go. Lights up. Don’t be so serious. You’ve heard our brilliant FG teachers remind you to smile mid-posture; they mean it and it will help your practice.

Michele Pernetta, FG Founder says,

“I push people to their edge, I try to bring a light-hearted feeling to the class. People get so uptight and serious about yoga sometimes. It is already a hard class – strenuous and cathartic – so I feel some humour is very useful, and a playful mind-set allows people to feel free to experiment, go out of their comfort zone and enjoy the process.”

There it is – straight from the top; don’t leave your sense of humour on Brixton tube.