Lighten up

By 19 June 2017News
Lighten up

This week features a guest post by Rebekah, our new marketing assistant at FGB. Sun’s out, so lighten up!

Lighten up on yourself to take better care of yourself: true long lasting progress comes from self love, not self flagellation in life and in yoga.

We’ve all had those days where we don’t feel good enough, were hard on ourselves because we didn’t reach the goals and expectations we set ourselves, wether it was to read that book we’d been meaning to for ages or to master side crow successfully, we beat ourselves up and make ourselves feel bad for not achieving them.

Well Brixton yogis, flagellate no more!  Life is to be embraced and not to make us feel defeated. Lets start praising ourselves just for being us, we are amazing and need to begin giving our selves credit for the many things we achieve and tick off on our mental check lists daily.

Life can be hard and we are still standing. The same goes for yoga; the next time you fall out of standing bow dust yourself off and get back up. Instead of slapping your wrist, give yourself a pat on the back for trying.

Taking care of yourself means not always giving yourself a hard time but loving yourself for the efforts you make, like William Hickson said “If at first you don’t succeed try and try again.” But be sure to try with a smile on your face and a light hearted attitude. When it comes to yoga practice equals progression and the same applies with every aspect of life.

Lightening up can be difficult at times especially when you feel things aren’t going your way, but a change of attitude often brings a change of mindset and what a perfect way to help the process along by practising yoga.

Yoga has been proven to promote a positive mindset and encourage self love, so the next time your feeling defeated instead of sitting in your sorrow, grab your mat and come to practice. Lighten up your mind and body at the same time and show your self some self love, TLC and appreciation.