Live Summer with Fierce Grace

By 11 July 2016News
Maldives holiday huts in the Indian Ocean

Yes! Out-of-office is on!

You’ve checked, double-checked and triple-checked the back door is locked. Passports are firmly in your bag and you’ve bought up the entire Boots’ travel-size range. That sun lounger is calling and soon, London will be a distant memory!

Living life with Fierce Grace doesn’t just mean when you’re at the studio. Even hundreds of miles from home, you can still make it a way of life. And like Boots, we’ve made a travel-size list of pointers to show you how!

“Yoga is accepting no limitations. Being courageous”
Don’t like heights? Climb that mountain. The kids are learning to surf? How about getting up on that board and giving it a go! Through being courageous and trying new things, you are constantly growing and getting the most out of life. Surf that wave!

“Yoga is not about perfecting a pose”
Try as we might, sometimes things just don’t quite go how we want them to. So you’re plane is delayed… it’s pouring with rain in your exotic destination… the hotel isn’t quite what you expected… breathe and make the most of it. Relish the time off to relax or to enjoy being with family or friends. Laugh trying! … And maybe just bring some playing cards for a rainy day…

“Yoga is about being happy, being who you are now, even if that doesn’t look perfect”
If you don’t feel good in the way you look, the beach-body-ready culture and crash-diet vibe in spring can be hard to shake. But you know what? Happiness radiates out and nothing looks better on than a smile!

“Nurture your mischievousness”
What better way to let you hair down than on holiday! We know many of you will need no encouragement! Enjoy all the fruits of life… even the ones included on the cocktail menu…

“Fierce Grace is about putting others before yourself”
Be mindful of other people’s experience. If on Day 5, your friend wants to do some sight seeing, maybe cruise round a few museums, and do it with a spring in your step. How about taking the kids off for the afternoon whilst your wife has a massage? If you’re playing music with your friends at 11pm and the resting neighbours come a’knocking, maybe that’s your queue to head out!

“Fierce Grace is eating what you are given in someone’s home even if it doesn’t comply with the latest diet you’re on”
Try the local cuisine! Holiday destinations are littered with restaurants matching what’s on offer in the UK, but how about asking some residents where they eat and venturing into the back streets? Before you know it, you’ve ditched your standard fish ‘n chips and you’re deep into an intense game of chess with some non-English-speaking locals who frown at the board, heckle, cheer and keep the limencello flowing!

“Fierce Grace is freedom”
Be adventurous! Think big! Get out that bucket list, pick one and go make some memories! We hear the China Wall loves being walked, the Grand Canyon really echoes and a sunset savasana in the savannah is just the ticket.

“Your relationships, your openness, your kindness, that’s what yoga is”
Take time on your holiday to sit and just experience the joy of being! Turn off your mobile phone, avoid the constant connection to wifi and really take the time to be present with yourself, your companions and the world around you. A change is as good as a rest, and on holiday you get to have both!

“Yoga is so you can bend down and tie your shoes comfortably”
If you’re following this one, you’ve clearly forgotten to pack your flip-flops. Go and find them; quick!

“We give you the space to uncover your power, help you connect, give you the tools for a healthy life”
Time off is healthy. But it is always good to come back home refreshed, energized and feeling great. Although if you’re off partying, maybe focus on hydration to mitigate the terrible fall-out when you return!

This month, wherever you are enjoying your time off, we are inviting you all to share a yoga snap with us. Whether it’s Tree in front of the Trevi Fountain, Chair in Cyprus or Warrior in Wales, upload one on Instagram and tag us @fiercegracebrixton or send it in to so we can post it up on our social media or pin it to our studio wall postcard-style! And don’t forget to hashtag #FGonholiday