Staff spotlight: Alvaro

By 21 April 2017News
Alvaro practising yoga outdoors

Some people think that yoga is just for girls –  think again. FG Brixton has a fantastic mix of men and women practicing at the studio. From firefighters to boxers and dancers to lawyers, we cover it all.

Flying the flag for guys in our reception team is Alvaro: a gym enthusiast and South London lad. Yoga for him? It’s the “missing piece to the puzzle”.

We chat to Alvy about all things fitness…

What brought you to hot yoga? How long have you been practising and how have you been finding FG?

“I was introduced to yoga by a close friend of mine about a year ago. It’s only been recently that I’ve decided to take my fitness seriously and as a result, I’ve been experimenting with different practises to push my limits to new levels – Hot Yoga being one of them. I find Fierce Grace very enjoyable and it doesn’t feel like I’m walking into a strange new world, but rather a home as everyone is very friendly and welcoming.”

How does hot yoga fit into your fitness regime?

“It’s like the missing piece in the puzzle! Hot Yoga for me is a safe environment to do a variety of stretches –  the heat relaxes my muscles I am able to stretch that extra mile. Once I do a class, my muscles are stretched and I’m ready to hit the gym and smash those big weights.”

How has your practise and body changed since coming to FGB?

“I have much more control of my body and my balance has improved greatly. Also, now I can touch my toes!”

What is your favourite class and why?

“The FIX is up there – it’s snappy and has little time to rest. The reason I enjoy it is because it really tests me!”

What do you like doing in Brixton?

“EAT! Brixton village is my second home when my mum has not prepared me a warm loving Peruvian dish. El Racho De Lalo is my favourite restaurant.”

Fun fact…

“At Nandos, I go EXTRA hot on my chicken!”