Megan’s bew adventure

By 14 June 2016News
Sydney Harbour Bridge sunset, Australia

I’m sure most of you during your time at the studio have met Megan at reception or in and around the studio. And some of you may know that she is leaving us next week to greater and bigger adventures. Here she tells us a little about what she’ll be getting up to.

What are you moving on to do?

“I am teaching yoga in Croatia this summer. I will be based in the island of Hvar, which is one of my favourite places on earth. The colours are amazing; beautiful beaches and green coastline against the white stone of the town and crystal clear turquoise water; I can’t wait for a heavy dose of Vitamin Sea!

However, the reason I’m not returning to the studio is because after that I am moving to Melbourne, Australia!”

How are you feeling?

“Excited! I am sad to leave and don’t expect it will fully sink in until I get on that ‘one-way’ flight, but I’ve been thinking about moving to Australia for a few years now. It has never felt like the right time but now I feel ready.  It felt great to make the decision to go and to then start putting it all into motion. I love London but it’s a big world out there and I’m ready to explore a little bit more of it.”

What first drew you to yoga?

“I started practising yoga in 2012 as a result of a sports injury. I had chronically painful shin splints that wouldn’t go away. I tried everything; sports massage, orthotics, physio, I stopped running, no impact sport. I begrudgingly went to my first hot yoga class, as the ‘least yoga’ type person ever; I hated my first session, I simply couldn’t understand how these people were enjoying themselves! But I was back the next day, and the next, and within a few weeks all the pain was gone.

It took about 18 months to discover the mental benefits and emotionally nourishing aspects of yoga, past the plainly physical: the ‘moving meditation’. I felt strong and capable in the standing postures and began to move in between them patiently and focussed and I brought this energy off the mat with me.”

When did you first know you wanted to become a yoga teacher?

“Yoga became the focal point of my day and of my life. It was a slow burner but something started niggling in the back of my head that I wanted to take it to the next level and teach. That never went away and it was very much from the heart rather than from my head; it became something I couldn’t not do. I was practising in Bali and mid-class is just felt right and that was my heart and mind made up.”

Why Australia?

“A number of reasons… Not speaking any other languages (typical English!) it narrowed down to the States or Australia. I have friends in Melbourne and am attracted to the more outdoors, sports, health and fitness lifestyle. I’m looking forward to running on the beach and swimming in the sea (despite an irrational fear of sharks made all the more rational in Australia). I also love coffee, brunch and was brought up watching Neighbours and Home and Away!”

How have you found your time at Fierce Grace Brixton?

“Working at the studio I have met such lovely people every single day. It really is a joy to see our regulars most days and also get to share the yoga love with fresh faces!

I’ve definitely learnt a lot. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to keep the studio in sparkling tip-top shape for members; the team do a fantastic job. I like to think I’ve contributed with a big smile on my face as I genuinely love being around our amazing members. It is a very unique studio with such a sense of love, community and buzz. It’s not like anywhere I’ve ever practiced before and it’s been an absolute pleasure to work here.”

What will you miss about Brixton?

“What can I say, Brixton is unique! It’s vibrant and crazy and fun. Having lived all over London, I’ve now very much built my life here – I live, work, eat, drink, work-out, run, do yoga, socialise, all within pretty much a mile radius!

The thing that upsets me the most is that there are still so many restaurants, cafes and new places popping up all the time I haven’t been to! I can’t keep up! I will also miss Brockwell Park but I hear they have some big wide open spaces in Australia too!”

How are you going to live life with Fierce Grace Down Under?!

“I will quote my favourite bits from the Fierce Grace Manifesto:

‘Accepting no limitations.
Be courageous.
Fierce Grace is freedom.
It’s in your heart already.
We give you the space to uncover your power, help you connect … and nurture your mischievousness.
Fierce Grace is fierce, but so are you.
If you can breathe, if you can push your boundaries, you can live life with Fierce Grace.’

I love its boldness and its zest for life. It’s a very no BS attitude, challenging and bettering yourself for you and others around you, and fully embracing life and all of its opportunities.”

Any advice to anyone seeking an adventure?

“Follow your heart. We spend a lot of time worrying and agonising over decisions, sometimes quite rightly! However, when you’re still and let go of all the noise in your head, quite often your heart tells you want you want; you feel it.  Listen to your heart and if you can rationalise it with your head, justify it, make it work, go for it and don’t hold back.”

Anything to add?

“Thank you to everyone for making my time as enjoyable as it has been. Stay awesome and Live Life with Fierce Grace!”