Member Mention: Cheryl Briscoe

By 23 February 2016News

New this year, every month we will be hearing from one of our own FGB members. At Fierce Grace Brixton we are blessed with a fantastic community. You only have to walk in through the door to feel the buzz and the love! This month’s Members’ Mention is Cheryl Briscoe.

Cheryl joined us earlier this February and has quickly become  part of the furniture, fully embracing her 30 Day Challenge as soon as she stepped in through the door! Now on Day 20 of her 30, we wanted to find out a little more about her Challenge and experience so far at the studio.

What brought you to yoga? For how long have you been practicing?

“I started in 2014 – I practiced Bikram for a year then some injuries meant I had to take an indefinite break from practicing and I became quite depressed. I met Katie Gerald, Fierce Grace Brixton owner, in Brockwell Park when she was handing out fliers last summer. I had a voucher for a £5 class but I never redeemed it. Then my time had come! It was the new year, new 2016, I needed to get my head and my body straight. As I had heard so much about Fierce Grace I wanted to have a new experience!”

And how have you been finding Fierce Grace?

“Amazing! They should call it ‘Amazing Grace’!

I have old knee injuries. I suffer from periodic sciatica and lower back/coccyx issues. Since being here I have built more flexibility in my hips than ever before in my adult life, largely thanks to Nina. She is very patient – as are all the teachers, all very patient and thorough – so I have reached depths I would never have imagined.”

What made you decide to do a 30 Day Challenge?

“I needed something for myself and being able to give yourself 30 days in this day and age is practically impossible so when presented with the opportunity presented by the Introductory Offer I jumped at the challenge. It’s my ‘I’ time!”

How have you been finding it? Have you noticed a change in your practice?

“Yes. My sleeping has improved; I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat! I have noticed my mood to be much lighter once I have had my practice – my mood is heated into sedation! Physically, I have strengthened my knees which were quite painful – I can now get into a comfortable Fixed Firm posture which also opens my lower back – an area which never got any attention but now gets a good seeing to! I am also able to get into Sleeping Swan comfortably, which was initially more difficult with the tightness in my hips.”

We see you have been attending the full range of classes (Classic, FG, Deep Core, Fix plus SOB) therefore making full use of the integrated Fierce Grace system. Has this been helpful for the 30 Day Challenge?

“Yes – very helpful! I like the diversity. And it is like going to five different studios to do five different sessions, all under the same roof. It has the right intensity with the correct gentleness.”

Do you have a favourite class?

“I have a Magic Monday with Lisa Hong to kick-start the week; Terrific Tuesday with Nina so my whole body gets therapy; Winner Wednesday where I work out my wobbles with Omae; Thorough Thursdays with my strengthening Shirley, Fabulous Fridays with lovely Sara and my spectacular Saturdays for SOBs with crystal-clear Krzysztof and my Splendid Sundays with my cup of ‘Chi, he’s like a big daddy with his children, spoon-feeding us every move, I like his patience and attentiveness and he smiles as he talks which makes you believe you can achieve it!”

What is your favourite pose and why? And what is your most challenging?

“My favourite pose is Standing Bow Pulling because it opens up my hips like never before so I can lift my leg higher and tilt gracefully! My worst one is Standing-Head-to-Knee – it is a passionate pain because I want to be able to get there – once I have I will have achieved my ultimate yoga goal!”

What advice would you give to anyone considering a 30 Day Challenge?

“I would say GO FOR IT! It is a generous gift one should give to themselves at least once a year. It cleanses your mind, detoxes your body and purifies your soul.”

On a different note – just to learn more about our Brixton community – how long have you lived in Brixton? What are your favourite things to do in Brixton? What do you like about the area?

“I’ve lived in Brixton all of my life, so I’m a local. I love the market and the fresh fruit and veg. My favourite Brixton attraction is the Ritzy because I like going in the evenings and dancing – they have some brilliant live jazz. It’s one of Brixton’s gems. They have a band called Future Groove and it is very much representative of Brixton – the future developments in sight! Not just a cinema!”

Anything else to add?

“Just some words about Fierce Grace Brixton as a studio! I think it is a super fantastic facility; the showers are the best in the business; the location is perfect and the studio is 100% clean. Great reception staff. Marvellous Megan! And Tremendous Tori, Fabulous Federico and Delightful Dilana! And to top it all, you get a tea when you finish!”

Thank you Cheryl, you’re a Fierce Grace Brixton rockstar and now a Brixton celebrity!

If you’ve been inspired like Cheryl to do the 30 Day Challenge, just ask at reception! Or check out our range of classes here.