10 tips for sticking to your New Year’s resolution!

By 5 January 2016News
New Year's resolutions at Fierce Grace Brixton

It’s that time of year again when we vow to become all-round super-humans – our healthier, slimmer, stronger, more adventurous, more travelled, more successful self is right around the corner! But how do we make that New Year Resolution stick, sadly just like those few extra Christmas pounds?

Fear not! We have collected all the top tips on how to stay focused on the path to greatness.

  1. Motivation comes best from within. Decide what you want to change, not what you think you should change.
  2. One thing at a time… We only have so much willpower; don’t spread yours thin! You are more likely to succeed with just one resolution rather than many.
  3. Set behavioural targets. Rather than “exercise more”, define the parameters – “I will go to yoga 4 times a week and go for a run.” That way you can measure resolution progress, tick things off and high five yourself!
  4. Stay happy! Self-control and motivation thrives on a good mood. Be kind to yourself, stay your No. 1 Fan! Write things down you’re proud of where you use willpower, even down to “I got up early to go to yoga!”
  5. Willpower, like a muscle, gets stronger the more we exercise it. Run even if it’s raining! Get up for class even if it’s cold… it’s hot in the studio!
  6. Don’t stress out! Stress can make us hungry and tired so STEP. AWAY. from temptation, back awaaay from the muffins… give yourself a break until you’ve relaxed (probably by coming to class…) and you’re back in the game!
  7. …But do treat yourself – it’s in our nature! And here’s the science to prove it: our pleasure-seeking function is located in the primitive part of the human brain; it’s hard-wired and powerful! In fact it is a lot stronger than self-restraint, a rational desire, relatively new to the human brain! We get a delicious dump of dopamine from giving into survival instincts such as eating, even when the evolved part thinks we should resist.
  8. Be patient… It takes 21 days for a new habit to form and about 6 months for it to really set in. Just like your yoga postures, if you fall out, get back in! Still struggling? Tackle it in 24 hour windows.
  9. All the gear’s the right idea! Incentivise yourself from the off. Buy some sassy yoga-pants to make you want to show them off every day of the week, or assemble a list of great reads if you want to read more (or come along to our Free Book Day at the studio Saturday 9th January!)
  10. Map your success! Many of us are visual, goal-orientated creatures. Clock in days throughout the year to assess your resolution progress. You can always go a step further and get geeky with it by marking % achieved against % time completion… rulers and felt tips at the ready!

Why not make our 30 Day Challenge your 2016 Resolution? Come to class every day for 30 days and see enormous advancements in your practice as well as getting your name in shining lights (or board marker) on our new 30 Day Challenge board by the studio entrance!