Rough runner

By 30 May 2017News
Rough runner

Two of our amazing Fierce Grace Brixton members are taking part in Rough Runner on Saturday 16th September; an event like no other which brings a range of obstacles so massive, so ambitious, and so much fun into the centre of the capital!

We chat to Virginia and Cyndii about forming the group – Yoga Gangster, donating funds raised to local charities and why they’re looking for YOU to join them!

Virginia & Cyndii:

“We are two yoga enthusiasts who met at the beginning of the year at the Fierce Grace Brixton studio. Since then we have become firm friends bonding over our shared love of fitness, good food, music and socialising. We both also believe in the importance of charity work and the benefits of building strong inclusive social networks.  We have recently decided to enter Rough Runner, Clapham Common and are extending the invitation to the Fierce Grace Brixton family to join us in this challenge.

This invitation is open to all FG members of all fitness levels. It really doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned challenge taker or if you sit at the other end of the spectrum and have not yet quite managed to sign up for your local fun run. Our ideal team would be one that is diverse, inclusive, supportive and fun. It’s all about the camaraderie!! We will prepare for the challenge together. There will be a training schedule which will involve yoga classes, group jogs / runs, boot camps and a few cheeky nights out to get us prepped for the main event. You are welcome to join in as little or as much as you like.

So, come on all of you lovely yogis and yoginis it’s now time to embrace your inner warriors and join team Yoga Gangster in our bid to conquer the Clapham Common Tough Runner obstacle course.”

Rough Runner, Saturday 16th September 2017

Price: £60 per person (team price)

Event website:

Check out the obstacles here:

“We will be raising money for two local charities, the Brixton Soup Kitchen and the Ebony Horse Club Both charities do fantastic work in the community, inspiring individuals and changing lives.

If you love a bit of a challenge, enjoy being part of a team or are just looking to improve your fitness levels then contact us by 11th June 2017 to register your interest.

We really look forward to hearing from you.


Virginia and Cyndii x”

Email to sign up!