Sabine: Hot Yoga and running

By 10 March 2017News
Sabine: hot yoga and running

This week we catch up with Sabine; a fitness blogger challenging herself with a combination of Hot Yoga and Running. Her goal? A cheeky Half Marathon race supported by a body and mind experience at FGB. Sabine is in her second week at Fierce Grace Brixton and feeling the heat and benefits of relaxation…

Sabine’s Hot Yoga Challenge

This week was all about the Half Marathon race on Sunday. A week before a race you supposed to taper down, that means you reduce the milage on each training session. In my case, I would have needed another week of training, I just did two more runs to work.

I keep myself busy and sometimes, I tend to do too much. Oh, I was glad that I set myself a goal to go 3x a week to Fierce Grace Brixton whilst I was on their brilliant Introductory Offer!

Overall it looked like a crazy busy week at work and training, yes it was but I needed Yoga to calm me down, give me grounding, relaxation and happiness at the end of the day.

I’ve found that FG Hot Yoga compliments my running training: the stretching and strengthening from Yoga felt really beneficial to me.

My first class experience was intense but I still went back for more.

This was my 2nd week:

Monday: Hot Yoga after work
Tuesday: Run to work 8.5km
Wednesday: Hot Yoga after work
Thursday: Run to work 6.5km
Friday: REST
Saturday: Run 3km
Sunday: Half Marathon Race 21km

I remembered how my first few classes felt, especially with the added challenge of a heated room. For someone who sewed so much, I felt unbelievably good afterwards.

So in my second week I went to the same classes and I knew what to expect. Now I could enjoy the stretching and exercises even more. Every class was different for my body (depending on what and when I last ate, how much water I drank etc.) and although I felt familiarity, I still took all poses with respect.

I wanted to practice more often but I couldn’t – life is too busy! It’s so important to make time for exercising though! My lower back pain was a bit better but it’s still there. I’m trying to figure out what I have to change to improve it, but I guess I’ll ask the physio.

What if it’s also stress related? Since a couple of months I feel more stressed and emotionally different. What if this was also causing a tightness in my body? Well I don’t know! Who knows? But what I do know is, that it only can improve if I do something. Exercising is the right thing. I tend to do too much plus stress and bad sleep = moody Sabine!

Looking at the schedule of FGB, I actually found a relaxation class in between all challenging hot yoga onee: it’s called Yoga Nidra. I have to admit I didn’t practice this one during the last 2 weeks, which I regret as it was amazing! I’m just back while writing this up!

Candle lit, we were all lying in a circle rather than facing the front mirror. A big cushion was under my back and a small one underneath my knees.

This one hour class was about meditation and relaxation. We started with a breathing exercise as this was the key to focus on and forget all about what was happening around me.

“Listening to the voice, I will take you in and out of your conciseness,” the teacher said while music was playing in the background.
I was not so sure what that meant until afterwards. While listening to the voice to learn which part of my body to relax, I realised that sometimes I can’t remember that I was listening to anything. But I remembered moments when I recognised her voice again. Some people in the room fell asleep, I think I didn’t but I’m not sure! The feeling of the mind being present and moments of silence, was interesting to experience. Wow, it was so relaxing. I actually lay still on my back for 1 hour. I never do that at home. I can really recommend this class. Afterwards I took my time and sat down and had a tea in the lounge.

What a perfect way to finish off a week. Feeling refreshed to start a new one…

My final HOT YOGA summary will follow in a week’s time.