SOS (Save Our Savasana)

By 8 November 2016News
Savasana in yoga Gembira community

This month’s theme of preparation leads us not to the beginning of the class but the end. The final pose you take, Savasana, or Corpse Pose, is not just a lovely lie down, but an active pose with a real purpose. All the changes you are hoping to make to your mind and body when you practice Fierce Grace? This is where the magic happens….

Er, what? All the Fierce Grace classes have been carefully created to offer a full body workout. Yes, with different emphasis and focus, but full body nonetheless. The practice works and releases each muscle group, to help create alignment and balance where these might be lacking. The work you do in class is essentially neuromuscular programming. Savasana is essential because it allows your body to process the work you have just done. It’s the yin to the yang.

Action through inaction, Savasana’s a beautiful and fundamental part of any yoga practice. However it is said to be one of the hardest poses, despite being deceptively simple, because it requires such stillness, which makes so many of us uncomfortable.   Not only that but because it might seem like its not doing anything (because it’s not physically doing) many of us just get up and go as soon as we have got our breath back and can face the wobble back upstairs.

If you do want to try and give it a bit more love simply get into position, scan your body for any tension while you focus on your breath and once you have done a fully body scan, let your body breathe as it wants and your mind go where it wants. Release your body completely to the floor, become a ‘corpse’ and observe thoughts without following them. With time and practice you will find you occupy the space in between conscious and unconscious. It’s powerful stuff!

Classes are scheduled at the studio to allow enough time for those who enjoy hanging out in Savasana time to do so at the end of class. So stay as long as you can, when you can. And if you arrive early for your class to find members still finishing their practice that day, respect their space. Namaste!