Power up your Fierce Grace practice this Spring

By 8 April 2015News
Spring flowers

The New Year might officially start in January, but there’s something pretty powerful about the energy of Spring. The sap rising, the days getting longer and lighter, so it’s the perfect time to power up your practice. Especially if like us you took the end of Lent as a signal to eat your bodyweight in chocolate. So here’s our hot tips for a hotter practice.

Get out of your comfort zone this Spring

It’s easy to get into a bit of a rut when it comes to classes, or just work in your comfort zone. You find the ones that suit your schedule or that let you coast along a bit. Well guess what? Spring is the perfect time to challenge yourself and grow like everything else around you. It’s what the season was designed for.

Change the mix of your classes this Spring

Ideally you should be supporting your practice with one Core class every week or two (unless you are new to Fierce Grace), and using Fix when that’s all you can fit it. Fierce Grace or Classic classes should form the focus and backbone of your workouts. That’s where you build your strength, your stamina and your flexibility. So if you are only making room for a class or two a week, make it count this Spring.

Work on your postures this Spring

Whether brand new to yoga, or a Fierce Grace aficionado, there is ALWAYS work you can do on your poses. Everyone is built differently, has done different things and has a completely unique body to them, so we all have our own challenges in the studio and on the mat. That really bendy wendy in the corner can’t do a press up, while the big buff dude still can’t really get to his toes. That’s the beauty of Fierce Grace. It helps you balance your weaknesses.

Spring into Spring!