Staff Spotlight: Tori

By 4 September 2017News
Staff spotlight: Tori, Fierce Grace Brixton, London

This week we are catching up with our much loved and super loyal staff member Tori, who has just reached her two year anniversary here at Fierce Grace Brixton. Tori isn’t just a smiley face behind our reception but is also a professional dancer and dedicated yogi who practises regularly at our Brixton studio. Find out what she loves about Brixton, practising yoga and working at Fierce Grace Brixton.

What’s it been like working at FGB?

“Best job in Brixton! What I love most about working at FGB, is seeing members completely transform through yoga. It can be life changing -within a matter of weeks, new yogis are calm, confident, strong, healthier, happier, full of energy and so motivated. A totally upgraded version of themselves. One member even completely healed her Arthritis through practicing FG yoga. I therefore came to the conclusion that yoga is magic.”

How have things changed?

“We have got so much busier and as a result, the studio’s energy and strong sense of community is blooming.  One of the best additions to the studio has been the garden. What was once an empty space is now a little peaceful, secret, Jasmin scented sanctuary in Brixton. We’ve even got our very own lemons.”

What have been the biggest challenges?

Not so long ago when I was cleaning up, a rather sweaty and used mat came of the rack, and planted itself directly on my face – that was pretty challenging! However, I would have to say my ultimate challenge was standing in as studio manager, during the busiest time of the year in 2016. The experience gave me an excellent opportunity to develop strong decision making and problem solving skills!  Regular yoga practice hugely supported me throughout this time, allowing my mind to be left clear and focused.

How often do you practice – and what are your favourite classes?

“I practice regularly. I absolutely love the Fierce class – otherwise known as The Beast! I love being challenged and pushing myself, which is exactly what the Beast class gives me. I feel most satisfied when I feel like I’m growing and advancing. I also love practicing Fly, Fierce Grace and FG2. However I must say, as I have a tendency to be a bit ‘Yang’, it’s very important for me to do a Deep Core every so often, so I can get a dose of ‘Yin’ and therefore balance myself.”

What do you like about Brixton?

  1. The energy! Brixton is always buzzing, I call it the Brixton Buzz.
  2. The never-ending list of great places to eat.
  3. The enchanting tree on Windrush Square.
  4. The diversity of people and the happy sense of community Brixton holds.
  5. The fact you can get five avocados for a pound at the market.

Anything else you’d like to tell us…?

“For anyone new to the studio: Welcome to FGB! I promise you that a regular yoga practice, will be the best health insurance you could ever invest in!
For those who have been with us for a while longer: It has been such a privilege to not only support you and your yoga practice over the years, but to see you grow and achieve great things through yoga.

Keep going! Love Tori :o) x”

Thank you Tori for all you do here at Fierce Grace Brixton we appreciate you and love having you as part of our team.