Summer motivation

By 22 July 2015News
Drinking water in the Summer heat

We know how hard it is to find motivation during the Summer, especially when it’s actually hot. Sometimes the last thing you can imagine is getting off a hot and sweaty tube, or bike commute, and then heading to Fierce Grace Brixton for another 90 minutes of the sweaty stuff, right? So here’s some ways to stay motivated…

  • Maintaining your hot yoga practice will help your body stay cooler in the summer, as it helps you acclimatize to the temperature. So those 90 minutes of extra sweating in our beautifully climate controlled room is actually helpful. So you can look forward to a less sweaty summer, when all those around you are ‘glowing’…
  • Stay hydrated, stay motivated. We know we bang this drum a lot, but being dehydrated is going to make you feel more tired and less likely to want to put the extra effort into getting to a class. Bananas, blueberries and coconut water will help with electrolytes, essential for proper hydration levels. No, a lager shandy doesn’t count.
  • Think about changing your practice times. We’ve touched on this before, but if you normally find early morning classes a struggle, the summer is the ideal time to embrace them. Your body clock will naturally want to rise earlier, as does the sun, so get up and get going. A class at the beginning of the day will set you up for the day and might feel easier then a class at the end of a long, hot day.
  • It’s an obvious one, but get a yoga buddy/motivation-mongering butt-kicky friend to help make sure you turn up when you say you are going to.
  • You might find your practice goes to another level for a reason you may not have thought about. Most of us eat differently in the summer, we eat lighter meals generally and when its hot we go for salads and grains vs potatoes and pasta, which means our digestive tract is less busy. You might be surprised how deeply you can twist, bind and move!