Teacher Close-up: Lisa Hong

By 16 February 2016News
Lisa Hong, Fierce Grace Brixton teacher

After a glorious Valentine’s Day at the Fierce Grace Brixton studio with Nina’s Partner Stretching class, we’re certainly in the mood for love this February; for our Teacher Spotlight this month we have the lovely Lisa Hong!

Lisa got engaged to fellow Fierce Grace teacher Adam Willoughby at the end of last year. We are in awe of their fitness-filled schedule! We thought it would be a great opportunity to learn a little more about how Fierce Grace yoga supports an active lifestyle…

Congratulations on your engagement! We know you and Adam met through yoga – it must be great to partner up with someone in the same industry, do you guys work out together?

“Adam and I met four years ago at the Fierce Grace studio in Old Street. He worked on reception and I had just got back from a Hot Yoga training. Two years into our relationship we decided to do the Fierce Grace yoga training together.”

Do you guys train together?

“We practice yoga together at the weekends and I go to Adam’s Thai Boxing classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Work It London.”

We know you’re quite a gym bunny, what other exercise do you do?

“Alongside teaching yoga I practice yoga twice a week, Thai boxing twice a week and follow a strength-training program that I do five times a week.”

Also a Fierce Grace teacher, Adam manages a gym. How does yoga fit into his lifestyle? Does it help his training?

“Adam started professional Thai boxing 12 years ago and has been practicing hot yoga now for over 8 years. Yoga is the perfect complement to his Thai boxing! He fits in at least 4 sessions a week to keep mobile and calm him from the high intensity, high impact gym training.”

How did you first come to yoga and what about it made you stay?

“I started practicing around six years ago to relieve my stresses as a stylist. I initially loved that it made me lose weight! Plus the amazing effects after class of making me feel so present kept me coming back.”

What’s your favourite pose and why? What do you find most challenging?

“My favourite posture is Standing Head To Knee. It’s a challenge but the pure pleasure of total control coming into and out of the balance makes me feel a sense of achievement each and every single time. When I do fall out it makes me feel human.

My most challenging posture is Spine Compass. You can tell a lot about a person from Spine Compass such as how hard they will work for the rest of the practice. The mental challenge of going into it slowly but strong and holding can set your entire class.”

Any tips for beginners?

“My tips for beginners are the same for advanced:

  • Smile
  • Breath
  • And take it slow

Learn to enjoy your moment.”

Lisa teaches Fierce Grace and Classic at the Fierce Grace Brixton studio. Come and enjoy your moment with her for her regular 10am Classic class on Mondays and keep an eye on the schedule. Congratulations to our power-house dynamic duo Lisa and Adam!