Teacher Close-up: Lisa Hood

By 19 January 2016News
Lisa Hood, Fierce Grace Brixton teacher

Yoga teacher Lisa Hood is back on Fierce Grace Brixton soil! Some of you will have been lucky enough to catch Lisa over the past few weeks. Lisa has been practising Fierce Grace yoga since it was launched in November 2013, and she knew very early on that this was the discipline she wanted to teach. Lisa graduated as a Fierce Grace yoga teacher in March 2014.

Lisa was kind enough to spare us a few minutes in between a hectic dance and yoga teacher extraordinaire schedule to tell us a bit about her travels at the end of last year.

We heard you’ve been away travelling recently…?

I was away working in France and the Netherlands on tour with a circus company. Then myself and boyfriend  had a very long awaited holiday to Vietnam. Vietnam is an incredible country! We absolutely loved it:  the people, the culture, the nature  is all so full of vivid colours and the food is just Wow! Fresh, clean tasting, spicy, sweet, sour all at the same time! We loved it!

Did you practice whilst you were away? How did you keep it up?

We had a very active holiday on Vietnam, did lots of walking, trekking, exploring caves and jungles as well as the cities so I didn’t mange to fit in a lot of yoga. I did have a good stretch after we trekked through Sapa Mountain in the North of Vietnam. I did some of the deep core hip opening postures as my legs felt really tight was good to relieve them.

How did you find getting back into your practice when you’re back?

I’d missed practising in the Hot Room. The day after we got back I was back in the studio, it was a tough practice but I felt great afterwards.

When did you start yoga and how did you get into it?

I’m a professional dancer and I discovered yoga when I was training. I have practiced lots of different types of yoga for over 9 years, including Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha, Vinyasa and Dharma Mittra. I first discovered Bikram whilst training at for my degree at London Contemporary Dance School. I especially loved being in the hot room as I was able to stretch more deeply into my body.

I was also working with some weaknesses in my body and through yoga I was able to gain strength and stamina into my joints which was really helping me with my dancing. I think yoga really compliments my life style.

What’s your favourite posture?

Ohh that’s tricky… I have many postures I love!  Camels def on my top 3! I really like the way my chest and heart open up in the posture. Oh and also I really love savasana!!! Resting is important after class!

If you haven’t already been to one of Lisa’s classes, keep checking the schedule.

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