The 30 Day Challenge …laid bare

By 12 January 2016News
Laugh trying

Before I did my first 30 Day Challenge in 2014, I read all the blogs and all the tips. The ones I found most useful were the most personal, so that’s what is going to happen here.

First, it is called a “Challenge” for a reason. Breaking up with your ‘snooze’ button is hard. As much as you want to hold on, you have to let it go… Your friends are going out for pizza; instead, you are trundling along to Day 12, cursing under your breath, halfway between moody teenager and deranged delinquent.

Just like when you are on a ‘diet’ and you suddenly want to eat everything, even if you practice every day normally, psychologically the challenge of embarking on an official 30 Day Challenge is REAL. However, with that said, it is hands down one of the most rewarding months I’ve ever spent and I would implore each and every single one of you to do it, or as Fierce Grace says “laugh trying!”

Top tips:

  • Water. A lot of it. How much? OK, pretend you are on fire. Douse yourself in the stuff.
  • Replenish nutrients and minerals. Electrolytes. TIP: I heard Himalayan salts contain the same natural minerals and elements found in the body.
  • Sleep. Eat well. (You will start to do this naturally as your body needs the good stuff. Let your friends keep their pizza. Or at least most of it.)
  • Get another towel, unless you can tumble-dry as fast as Concorde.
  • Listen to your body. During my Challenge I felt like punching the next person to say that to me (cue the “moody teenager/deranged delinquent”) but it’s true. Give it what it needs. That applies to food, to sleep and to class. If you worked hard yesterday, maybe ease off today. Maybe that pose where you can usually do the full expression is weirdly causing discomfort today – take a step back. In one class, I did just a few postures and spent the rest lying down (tired and *cough* hungover). Interestingly from a meditational point of view, this was one of the best yoga classes I’ve ever had. The experience also completely transformed my practice; it taught me acceptance. Show up and work with what you’ve got. For yoga and for life.

Fierce Grace Brixton is set up for a 30 Day Challenge. It makes such a difference to walk into the studio and have a staff member ask you how your challenge is going then congratulating you as you leave. Over the 30 Days, community becomes really important.

At Fierce Grace Brixton, we are truly blessed that this “community” already exists. If learning names was an Olympic sport, the Fierce Grace Brixton team would be bringing the gold medal home. (To confirm, we absolutely do not have your mug-shots up on our walls at home).

The changing rooms are pretty much where 90% of Brixton’s gossiping is done and as you step into the studio there are waves and plentiful bright smiles. One big happy Fierce Grace Brixton family. Family got your back on this Challenge and are here for you 100% of the way.

There are days where in no way does the end appear in sight. However, the  continual sense of achievement is astronomical. There is a childlike pleasure in ticking off another day under your name on the studio’s 30 Day Challenge white-board.

The Kanye West swagger with which you can conduct around the studio is completely legitimate. In fact, it will be actively encouraged. Completing your 30th class can be likened only to when Halle Berry won that Oscar and the certificate is still on my wall, a level above my university degree certificate.

In all seriousness, a 30 Day Challenge really does transform your practice. It is a feat in itself to make time in your schedule, regardless of what else is thrown at you. However, it is so much more about creating the mental space. In prioritising your practice, you are prioritising yourself and if that isn’t worth 30 days I’m not really sure what is.

Good luck!