Three HOT years in Brixton

By 4 December 2017News
Happy birthday Fierce Grace Brixton!

It’s that time of year again; time to celebrate Fierce Grace Brixton’s 3rd anniversary of proudly keeping Coldharbour Lane HOT. We have many amazing members who’ve been with us since the door flew open three years ago and lots of new faces coming into the studio every week.

We catch up with FGB studio owner Katie about all things Brixton and how she’s seen the ripples of FGB reach far and wide…

What are you most proud about on this the third anniversary of FGB?

“I’m most proud of what the yoga studio has done in building a beautiful community who are making a difference to themselves in a huge transforming way. Not only that, but making a difference to others – inside and outside the studio.”

What do you love about the community?

“It is so richly diverse, inquiring and nurturing. Every time I come and practice I feel connected, more aligned and happy. And that is thanks to what the members and the staff bring.I believe it helps bring everybody’s best sides out.

What is not to love about loving yourself?”

Is there anything you’d like to say to the community?

“Thank you for everyone who has been art of the journey over the past few years.”

Is there anything you’d like to say about the future?

“Here’s to many more years of transformation and bringing yoga to more friends and neighbours.”

To celebrate and say ‘thank you’ for your continued awesomeness, we’re throwing a party for all our fierce yogis on Sat 9th December. Join us for an 80’s inspired FG class with Nina, a herbal tea pop up, glasses of fizz and a very special gift for all members…