What’s in your lipsticks?

By 2 February 2016News
Applying lipstick

Fierce Grace does Hot Boys, Hot Girls, Hot Yoga. Now Fierce Grace Brixton does HOT LIPS.

At Fierce Grace Brixton, we believe that all of our studio-bodies are temples… Whether you regard your temple as that of a sculpted Adonis, a graceful Aphrodite or more of a belly-Buddha that is up to you! We sweat it out. We strengthen. We tone. We flex. Plus we’ve all been getting 2016 off to a healthy start. The key things we try to think about are ‘exercise’ and ‘food’. But what about the other things you put into your body?

This Sunday, 7th February, we will be running a 1pm lipsticks workshop where you can pucker up before Valentine’s Day. Come and try a range of pure, vegan lipsticks, meaning non-animal tested and packed with mango butter and vitamins.

What’s the hype? Well ladies, do you know what’s in your make-up and other beauty products? And gentlemen, do you know what’s in your shaving foam? (And of course other skincare products for you confident Alpha males out there!) Many products we liberally apply to our faces and bodies daily have been found to contain the same chemicals used to soften concrete, to de-grease machinery and make plastics. *Places foundation back down on the counter*… Yuck!

Over the last 50 years, we have introduced millions of new chemicals into our environment, including food packaging, plastics, cleaning products and also cosmetics. Make-up is an ancient trend (step aside Kardashians, the Ancient Egyptians had their black eyeliner-flicks DOWN) but today’s billion-dollar cosmetics industry uses thousands of chemicals in everything from moisturisers to shampoos to lipsticks.

In recent years we have started looking more deeply into the chemicals in our food. Now more research is being done into what is lurking in our bathroom cupboards. US researchers found that out of 82,000 skincare ingredients, 1 in 8 were toxins, carcinogens or hormone disruptors.

Criticism has arisen that the industry itself is very unregulated, with gaping loopholes in the law. For example, for something to be labelled ‘organic’ it must contain only 70% certified organic ingredients, leaving 30% available for some super-nasties. Many lipsticks have been found to contain metal traces including aluminium, arsenic, mercury and lead, classified as contaminants therefore escaping that ‘ingredients’ label.

When these elements are absorbed through the skin they become stored in our fat cells and eventually work their way into our system, sometimes having some not-so-hot consequences. With the ability to affect oestrogen levels and alter, block or mimic other hormones within the body, it’s not exactly something you want kicking around your ‘temple’.

So what can we do?

  • Always read the label.
  • Stay away from parabens (preservatives linked to disease, endocrine disruption and toxicity).
  • Seek out natural brands.
  • With your regular hot yoga pratice you’re already flushing out toxins from the body, so keep up the good work!

For those of you who want to learn more, sign up now to our HOT LIPS workshop where Katie can tell you more about getting those healthy lovers’ lips ready for Valentine’s Day smooches.

Plus, get your lipstick ready for our Valentine’s Day special at FGB – Partner Stretching Sunday 14th February 12:30pm followed by fizz and strawberries!

Feel the love at Fierce Grace this February!