Your sense of smell is more powerful than you think

Have you ever taken a deep breath and found that a smell has transported you somewhere else; to a particular time, place or person? Fresh cut grass, an ex’s perfume, a spice or herb…

In addition to being the sense most closely linked to memory, smell is also highly emotive. On a more personal level, smell is extremely important when it comes to attraction between two people. Research has shown that even our body odour, produced by the genes which make up our immune system, can help us subconsciously choose our partners. Nice! 

We love a good sweat more than most, so in addition to our own natural smells, you might have noticed our new Scentered range in studio. 100% natural, essential oil-based aromatherapy balms; “teaching people how to use the power or our sense of smell as a tool to direct our thoughts, emotions and actions to live happier lives.”

The Brixton studio team have been trying out these balms for over a week and even discovered the scents which compliment classes here in Brixton. 

One of our favourites is ‘Focus’, which some say is “better than coffee” and helps boost concentration and accomplish tasks even when pressed for time – perfect for a busy day in the office! We also love ‘Sleep Well’ as part of a nightly bedtime ritual to help you drift off into restful sleep. Why not try this one out after IN class on Sunday, Monday or Thursday?  Zzz… 

Pair them up

Here’s our top list of Scentered balms which we found worked in harmony pre or post class:

DE-STRESS: Deep Core. “A remarkably soothing blend…”

HAPPY: Classic. “An uplifting citrus and mint blend…”

FOCUS: Fierce Grace “An invigorating blent to direct your mind and boost concentration…”

ESCAPE: IN “This blend transports you mentally to me time…” 

SLEEP WELL: Post class, pre bed. “Perfect for bedtime. Awake well-rested”


How do I use them?

Stop – Apply a balm directly to your wrist, neck and temples or light a Scentered candle to purposefully fill the room with mindful meaning.

Inhale – Raise your wrists or candle to your nose and deeply inhale, visualising the mind state you wish to achieve in this moment.

Reset – Exhale deeply as you step into the next moment of your daily journey.

We’re stocking lots of scent combinations in our studio shop and will be hosting a Scented pop-up very soon. They’re travel friendly and 100% natural. Why not test some next time you visit the Brixton studio?