Last week we focussed on Autumnal daylight savings, the effect this can have on your body and wellbeing and how to counteract this in the chilly months. Following a positive response from our Brixton members, we investigate further into what keeps us happy on a human level and what keeps our brain healthy. Turns out, that much like animals in hibernation, we humans simply love a routine. Ritualists amongst us have known this for years and take pride in following patterns in sleeping and waking practice.

The key to a happy brain? Sticking to rhythm. Our brain is a circadian organ. So it thrives on a circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is the biological mechanism that controls the sleep-wake cycle, when hormones are released for ovulation and digestion, and when it is time for your body to sleep so that your muscles can rest, your memories to consolidate, and your immune system to get stronger.

Just like regular yoga practice or repeated postures in class, routine is ideal for healthy moods, stress levels and immunity.

Read more to find out and to discover 3 daily rituals to maintain a happy brain…

  1. Maintain a bedtime.

Get into a routine: hot shower, warm drink and slipping into bed at the same time each night. We know it can be hard to juggle with dinner plans, events and box sets, but try to keep your timings as stable as possible. Even the routine before you hit the hay can help as this indicates to the body the sleep is coming!

Experts consider sleep routine to be the Number 1 was to improve brain happiness as our brain recharges and restores whilst we snooze; combatting the dreaded brain fog!   

  1. Exercise routinely.

Coming from Fierce Grace Brixton, we know we could be preaching to the converted here. But at least we know that exercise alone has some seriously great health benefits, but could the timings of these workouts boost the advantages? An easy way to begin is to exercise when you feel you’re at your most energetic. Essentially If you’re a morning person, exercise in the morning. If you’re an evening person, exercise in the evening. Can’t get to your favourite FG class? Even a routine specific walk will do the trick!

  1. Eating on a schedule.

Now we think this one is hardest of all for people to keep in check. Deadlines, travel and impromptu dinners, it can be tricky to work your eating around a schedule. Of course, there are certain types of food which boost brain power and intermittent fasting has proven benefits too. The bottom line is that keeping your body on a routine can greatly benefit your brain.

The one thing every person could do to optimise brain health is to maintain a steady ritual. So, set your alarm clocks and create an exercise plan you can stick to—your healthy brain will thank you.

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