5 ways to keep active in Autumn

How to stay active in cooler weather

The first day of Autumn is here and ‘back to school’ vibes are in the air. Some say that a change is a good as a rest and at Fierce Grace Brixton, we reckon that changing things up can be great for your practice; like swapping an evening for a morning class or even where you place your mat in the room. But what about when the weather turns colder and it’s harder to get up in the morning? Continue reading for our top tips on how to keep your body moving when the temperature drops….

Do Hot Yoga

We couldn’t talk about cold weather without mentioning hot yoga! Perhaps the most obvious suggestion is visit our gorgeously warm Brixton studio to keep your joints supple and your muscles flexible. We love seeing new members start their yoga journey in Autumn and Winter, and some claim it helps combat their Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). To keep up with demand, we add more classes in colder months and who’s to say that you’re not lying on a beach during your savasana?

Be Versatile

Just like our cravings for warming foods in colder months and salads in Summer, we learn to be versatile in how we move our bodies alongside how we eat. In fact, being versatile is key to seasonal activeness, so when it’s snowing outside perhaps it’s best to re-think that run in the park? Re-visiting your goals can bring a wealth of fun as well as variety to your workout plan and some sports can thrive in colder weather –  tobogganing anyone? As the days get shorter, try a morning or afternoon class, so when you leave there’s still plenty of daylight left and you top up those vitamin D levels!

Partner Up

Finding someone to buddy up with can make sure you actually get to your class or workout. You’ll both find times when determination is waining, so pick a pal who is dedicated to the cause of fitness, no matter the weather and enter into the spirit of friendly competition! Us humans do love a routine, so schedule in your active time with your pal and make plans around it –  maybe even get those highlighter pens out! Try to plan two weeks at a time to get the most out of your diary management and if there’s more than two of you; the ubiquitous WhatsApp group chat will guilt you into staying active on days when you’d rather be watching TV.

Take a Breath

Just breathing can be extremely beneficial to your health. A simple 10 minute deep breathing exercise after lunch can actually help lower blood sugar levels and decrease production of damaging free radicals. As our Fierce Grace Brixton yogis already know, deep breathing can also help lower anxiety and relieve stress. Set aside 10 minutes, even set your alarm or if you’re very short of time or try it on your morning commute. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, relax your body and let your diaphragm do the breathing work. Place one hand on your stomach and take a deep breath, allowing your belly to expand. Hold for one second. Then exhale and draw your belly button into your spine.

Breakfast is King

So don’t hibernate folks! Be inspired by those Winter Olympians and get Autumn/ Winter goal setting under way. After this hot, hot Summer take time to enjoy the cooler hues, changes in your body and the outside world.

Top Tip: If you a morning person, or aiming to be, it has been said that preparing a brekkie in advance will help those bed covers fly right off and have you bouncing down Coldharbour Lane for a 6.30am class! True story. 

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