“I feel younger”: Member Feature

This week we chat to Kiren; a Fierce Grace Brixton member since January 2018. Since becoming a member of our studio, she’s seen her body and skin transform and even dropped 2 dress sizes! Mentally, she’s stronger than ever and utilises in-class breathing techniques in stressful situations. Starting out yourself? Kiren gives some great advice for hot yoga newbies. Read on…

Tell us about your yoga journey – what made you join FGB and had you done much yoga before?

My friend Leon told me about Fierce Grace Brixton and was singing it’s praises, telling me how life changing it has been for him and many people he knows. I, of course, was sceptical but thought why not, what have I got to lose? By chance, a friend had given me a gift voucher for a month’s pass at Fierce Grace Brixton. The stars were aligned! I gave it a go and I’ve truly not looked back. I have done some yoga in the past but not much and I certainly wasn’t addicted…after my first class at FGB I was definitely addicted. I just felt so alive and full of energy.

What developments have you made since starting last year?

My core strength has improved exponentially. I gained weight while I was very unwell in 2016 during my treatment. I felt low and hated the rounder me. Since starting at the studio I’ve lost about 3 stones in weight and dropped 2 dress sizes. I’m certain hot yoga suppresses the appetite. My body is more supple and the most toned it’s been all of my adult life. It’s quite startling! It’s no wonder I’m addicted.

What’s your favourite part of the yoga and what is the most challenging?

I love sweating! I really feel like I’ve had a full body, proper workout…something I’ve never experienced while going to the gym. I’m practising at home when I can but to be honest I prefer practicing in the heat. I love the FG class but I find poses like the crow most challenging. I’m getting there though!

Advice for anyone starting out for the first time or those cautious about starting a practice?

I’d say; don’t be scared. No one is watching you or judging you. Just go for it, like I did. A lot of people I talk to about Fierce Grace are really scared of the heat. I say; love the heat, it actually makes getting into poses a lot easier. Also, don’t worry about flexibility. It will improve as mine has very quickly – due to the temperature. Just take it easy. Don’t push yourself. Poses will come naturally to those who can get the breathing right.

Anything else you would like to add?

I’m really grateful for the introduction to Fierce Grace Brixton. People keep commenting that I look so young. My skin is glowing and I feel great mentally too. I use what I’ve learned about breathing in class all the time – especially in stressful situations. The teachers are brilliant and the music is not your usual yoga music. I love a bit of jungle while I’m posing!