Can a NY resolution change us for good?

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Did you know that on average, only 8% of people actually keep their New Year’s resolutions? Every year we draw up that list of life improvements or changes we want to make and often by February we’re back to our old ways. Lose weight, get fit, stop drinking, get healthy, save money… sound familiar?

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not against resolutions, but there are a few ways to stay focussed and active when implementing changes – which mean they’ll stick for longer and probably make us happier in achieving them. Let’s not start a new decade by punishing ourselves!

We’ve put together 5 easy suggestions for a Happy New Year and it needn’t necessarily mean a whole new you. You’re pretty great you are…

Start Small

Tiny little incremental steps are the way here. Instead of deciding “I want a six pack by February”, how about starting with a 30 second plank every other day? Also, try to focus on one new habit at a time.

Be Consistent

It has been said that a new habit takes 30 days to cultivate. Its no surprise we run a 30 Day Challenge at the studio and on completion, members get 2 weeks free yoga! Finding out routine for exercise or new habits in key here. Maybe you work nights or find yourself travelling a lot for work or pleasure? Either way, starting something after stopping can feel 10 times harder, so aim to keep a realistic schedule which allows you to ‘dip your toe in the water’ as often as possible.

Be Kind To Yourself

Alongside little and often, celebrate the small wins. You managed your first whole phrase in another language – hooray, buy yourself a new notebook. Side crow held for 10 seconds for the first time – grab a kombucha for your journey home. Your ran your first ever 5K – treat yourself to new running shoes. Whatever the celebration, giving yourself a high five will help keep you on track.

Remember Your Reasons

Keeping in mind “why” you decided to take up a new hobby is great for those days where you just don’t feel like it. If you’ve started a resolution with others – the more the merrier, you can all keep each other on track.

Start Each Day Again and Again

Rather than viewing resolutions as a yearly occurrence, imagine each day is January 1st. Let each day be a new beginning towards the lighter, cleaner, more organised life you imagine yourself living.

Feeling inspired? Get on board with our 30 Day Challenge in studio. Sign up on the board outside the hot room. Book Class now.