Georgia completes the 30 Day Challenge: “There is nothing to lose”

Introducing Georgia, one of our wonderful front desk team here in Brixton. Georgia, recently completed her first 30 Day Challenge at the studio, after putting it off for some time! Inspired by other members taking the challenge and seeing them leave class glowing and happy, she set off on her own journey. The real challenge, she says: getting over herself and finding perspective. What we want to know is would she do it again…

Why the 30 Day Challenge?

As some of you may have known, in October I faced the 30 Day Challenge. Before it began I thought, ‘it can’t be that hard, right?’ I was wrong.

I was inspired by the members who have previously faced this challenge. The beautiful part of this job is that you get to know members and their approach to their practice. Which consequently always leads me to think about mine. Whether its just envy whilst watching everyone else heading down to their mats or admiration for the people who come day in, day out and glow because of it. I’m lucky enough to be a fly on the wall and see it all.

Whilst being busy workwise, I wanted to calm my mind and give myself time to check in with me, myself and I. I always put it off and claimed I was too busy for the 30 day challenge. However, I put that excuse to bed and took on the challenge.

How did you find the challenge?

At the beginning, I didn’t understand why it was labelled as a challenge. What a joy to be making time to sweat out my sins and give my brain a break, everyday. However, as each day passed and I got further into the 30 days it became a countdown. I started to understand more and more why this is indeed, a challenge. My body was sore, my brain was finding it difficult to focus and I wanted to stop sweating.

I hit my wall in week 3 when holding back the tears in a class as my brain was telling me my body I could no longer take the strain. I persevered and the following day pulled myself together. I thought, ‘People in this country don’t have a roof over their heads and I’m here about to cry because of a yoga class.’ It made me realise how incredibly lucky I am to have the opportunity to go to yoga everyday. Being reminded of this, I went into the last week with a completely different attitude.

And the finish. How do you feel?

I would like to thank Fergus, who is a member here at Fierce Grace Brixton and owns Brixton Therapy Centre. If you’re looking for a massage I would highly recommend going to Fergus. My shoulders would agree!

Would you do it again?

Would I do it again? No. Am I glad I did it? Yes. I encourage you all to give it a go. What you think are your favour postures, will become your least favourite and your least favourite may even become your best. You’ll be surprised about which postures ‘improve’ and which might stay the same. You don’t know until you try. You have nothing to lose and I promise, you’ll learn something along the way. I certainly did.  Take on the challenge, your body and brain will thank you.

To support the 30 Day Challenge this November, we’re featuring a posture each day on social media. Did you know that if you complete 30 days we’ll give you 2 weeks FREE yoga? Just remember to check in each time you come to class and let our reception team know how you’re doing. You’ve got this!

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