Hot yoga is the great equalizer! 3 great benefits

hot yoga fierce grace brixton

No matter how old or young, healthy or fit you are, hot yoga is available and welcome to everyone.

Hot yoga is a great way to fit low-impact exercise into your life, it’s calming and offers a myriad of health benefits too. We’ve put together three more in-depth reasons why you should make hot yoga part of your weekly routine:

1. It keeps you fit and healthy

Hot Yoga is a great way to work out, it can be challenging to you and your body. You work up a sweat while strengthening your muscles moving from one pose to another in a long sequence so you are constantly working out your whole body. You can feel yourself breathing heavily and shaking but this can help you to build up great strength in your body which keeps you fit and healthy.

2. Good for your mind and Soul

Hot Yoga is not just about your body but also about your mind. With many different breathing techniques to focus on it can help with allowing your mind to focus and concentrate on how your body and mind feels while focussing on the body’s posture and breath. The focus on the breath allows you to put past the self doubt and the shaking body and makes your mind feel free and cleansed.

3. Hot Yoga is a stress reliever

Hot yoga is a great way to release stress build up. The teacher is constantly reminding you to be in the present, to focus on your breathing, posture and movements of the class. This can be integrated into everyday life’s stresses, allowing you to control stresses by breathing and taking a step back to think about the present and focus.

What we do at Fierce Grace Brixton yoga studio

Our south London yoga studio offers a range of styles and classes to suit everyone including: Deep Core, Fierce Grace, IN, Fix, SOB, Beast and Classic hot yoga. Our instructors are bright and friendly, striving to actively build a yoga community, that is as supportive as it is flexible.

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. At Fierce grace we allow you to work on what you may feel you are not as strong or confident at and help you to build up the confidence in you and your body. We will help you feel good about yourself and your abilities.

We have people of all different ages and abilities in our classes and whatever your ability is we allow you to go as far as you want to go, the teachers can help you in the areas you don’t feel as confident in. There is always staff on hand to help you out or give you advice.

Head down to Fierce Grace Brixton, in south London to book your first hot yoga class now.

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