Let Yoga Help You Fall In Love

Love is in the air

This Valentine’s Day, forget the chocolate, flowers and squeezing into overcrowded restaurants! Whether you’re looking to build intimacy, passion or trust between you and your partner, let yoga open your heart and spice up your love life.

Why not celebrate Valentine’s Day with a little bit of yogic love? Physically stretching the muscles in your chest, shoulders and belly can create a deep emotional release, helping you to appreciate and honour yourself and your loved ones.

Can yoga help you fall in love?

Let’s look at the science: from a physiological point of view, yoga helps high cholesterol, blood sugar levels and supports the circulatory and respiratory systems. On the emotional side, Yoga promotes a healthy, open heart, can live stress and anxiety. The heart chakra is related to our ability to give and receive love.

Our FG classes are full of gorgeous heart and chest openers like backbends, Cobra, Camel pose, Wild Thing, Locust, Wheel and Bow pose. Chest openers are a great way to open up the muscles of the chest to reverse forward-leaning posture and are said to bring more joy and love into your life. Understanding the benefits of these poses will give you motivation to include them as a regular part of your practice.

Chest openers can combat the blues and improve your mood. When you open the heart by lifting the chest, your outlook improves. The typical posture of someone who is in a poor mood or depressed features hunched shoulders and a hanging head. If you roll your shoulders up and expand your chest, you automatically look more confident, open and radiant!

Self Love

They say there’s no truer love than that of the self and wether you believe that or not, it’s a great place to start and opening your heart to all possibilities.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” -Rumi

Valentine’s Day at Fiecre Grace Brixton

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Loving someone else?

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Happy Valentine’s Day!