Last Friday 13th (lucky for some), we had our first ever marriage proposal at Fierce Grace Brixton!

After some careful planning with teacher Agi and our Brixton team, John-Paul popped the question at the end of Deep Core class and Alice said YES! And then best part? They had their first ever date in our studio. We feel honoured to have been a big part of such a special moment. According to other members who were also in the class, the energy in the room was electric.

We caught up with the newly engaged couple to find out how they met and what it was like proposing in a hot yoga class full of people…

Where did you meet?

We met on Bumble dating app. Alice mentioned she practiced hot yoga and had a free pass so I thought why not? I was completely clueless, had no idea would just be in my shorts. And I was unbelievably bad. The teacher came over numerous times to make corrections and put me in position.

But, it looks like you were hooked?

Yes, since then we have both become members; Alice absolutely loves it and takes class 3-4 times per week. I also take classes and love the studio, but sadly get there less frequently. At the moment, I practice about once a fortnight but will definitely be coming more soon!

Why propose at Fierce Grace Brixton?

Given it was where we had our first date and also how much Alice has incorporated yoga into her life – it felt like the right place to do the proposal. Hilariously, when I got up Alice thought I was going to tell everyone how much I had improved at hot yoga!!

Were you nervous?

I felt ok during the class, but about 5 minutes before popping the question I got very nervous, but I know Alice had no clue as she was yawning just before I got up! I’m not quite sure what I said when I stood up; it’s a bit of a blur to be honest, but obviously it was ok … because she said yes 🙂


Congratulations both from everyone here at FG Brixton! You never know where you free guest pass might lead…