Teacher Feature: Tuuli

We caught up with Fierce Grace teacher Tuuli Shipster, who is about to embark on an exciting new project. Sadly, this will take her away from her regular Wednesday night in Brixton, but we’re thrilled to have had Tuuli with us since the very beginning. Find out what keeps her coming back to Brixton, how her own injuries have had been helped by yoga and what her new business will be…


Tell us about yourself

As well as teaching yoga, I am a naturopathic nutritionist and currently also studying herbal medicine. I am married with 3 rescue dogs, Pickle, Beans and Squidge.


What brought you to FG and then onto becoming a teacher?

I started practising Bikram to help fix my knees after running several marathons and I loved it so much it became my primary form of exercise. After a few years of practise I knew I wanted to teach but I did not want to do the Bikram TT. I spoke to Michele about it and found out she was planning to launch FG and so I waited. I was lucky enough to do the first TT over 5 years ago and have been teaching at FG studios ever since!


What’s your favourite class and why?

My favourite class both to teach and to practise changes all the time!! Currently my favourite class to teach is SOB. I have unfortunately had a lot of injuries this year (torn ACL and then a broken ankle…!) and so I know from first hand experience how amazing SOB is to help rehab post injury. It is also a fantastic class even if you’re not injured or a beginner as it has such a focus on strength and alignment. In fact, I’ve found several more experienced practitioners make a point of coming regularly. I’m really enjoying practising Primal at the moment and its helped improve my core and leg strength enormously.


What are you doing next?

I’m about to launch a herbal tea brand, Tuuli Tea. As anyone setting up a business will tell you, its very exciting but totally time consuming and terrifying all at once! I am just finalising the branding and hope to launch soon.

What’s your favourite thing about Brixton?

I love the community spirit of Brixton and it is always a such pleasure to teach in the studio.


It’s been pleasure to have Tuuli with us every Wednesday night and we wish her all the best.

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