This is the day you’re most likely to quit your New Year’s resolution

Research shows most people are likely to abandon their New Year’s resolutions by Sunday January 19, known annually as Quitters’ Day. That’s the day where your good intentions start to fade and a night in on the sofa seems way more appealing than motivating yourself to work out or go to a class. Keeping active and focussed can be hard work and depending on the fitness level you begin with, the goals you’ve set yourself could seem unattainable at the start of 2020.

Nevertheless, all is not lost – the 19th may be almost upon us, but there’s no reason we all have to be quitters on quitters’ day. We’ve put together a few simple tips to keep motivation and your enjoyment of fresh challenges going right through to December… and beyond!

Find a Buddy

According to reports, exercising with friends could increase your chances of being active by 22 per cent. Knowing that someone else is making the effort is enough to either motivate you or quilt you into exercise. You’ll always feel great afterwards anyway.

Join a Studio or Club

Get social with your workouts and meet other likeminded people who’ll keep you going through the Winter months. It has been shown that making a more public commitment to a new hobby increases the frequency of regular attendance. There’s always time for coffee or cocktail after class!

Become a Morning Person

This is a classic in achieving your fitness goals. Winning the first hour of the day makes you win the whole day! Also said to improve weight loss, daytime focus, sleep and mood – other than your alarm clock, there really is no reason not to get on board with this one.

Cancel and Continue

So you fell off the fitness bandwagon and missed a class. So what! Get back on and rather than viewing resolutions as a yearly occurrence, imagine each day is January 1st. Let each day be a new beginning towards the lighter, cleaner, more organised life you imagine yourself living.

Morning curious? Fierce Grace Brixton has classes starting as early as 6.45am to ensure you get a good stretch even before you morning commute.

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