Upcycling our pre-loved yoga mats

Where do our old mats go?

Reduce, reuse, recycle; as the mantra goes, is high on our list when it comes to environmental awareness. Our studio yoga mats get used every day and once they’ve seen their last downward dog, it’s time for them to retire from studio life to make way for a fresh batch to arrive.

As we’re scheduling a little studio TLC this month, we thought we’d share with our members the ways in which we up-cycle our mats in Brixton. You probably didn’t even know it was going on… but what’s important to us is that they don’t end up in urban landfill.

Hot Founder and local lass, Sarayu has been with us since the very first day of Fierce Grace Brixton back in 2014. She is dedicated to community awareness and development in the local area and has found a fantastic ‘second life’ project for our well-loved studio mats.

Read our interview with Sarayu below…


Tell us about your job.

I work with different communities in South London and beyond, but particularly in and around Brixton where Fierce Grace is also based. I took the mats down to a community hall in Camberwell for the benefit of introducing people who would not necessarily have encountered yoga, relaxation or meditation before.

What do you do with our old mats?

When I’m down in the community hall doing various other projects, I’ll get people together to do some very simple, basic breathing and movement, which they all seem to enjoy. The yoga mats are left down there for their benefit, when they want to use them. It’s very kind of the studio to pass them on. Up-cycling and recycling these kind of products to save them from the landfill, where they’re likely to rot away – have now found a new use. We call it pre-loved equipment and tools.

Have you found any other uses for them?

Even when the mats get beyond repair, there are lots of uses: we cut them up and do gardening with them and use them as kneeling pads. It’s surprising how many uses you can get out of the yoga mats. We love up-cycling the mats and making them multipurpose; giving them many lives!

I want to say thank you to Fierce Grace Brixton for passing the mats on for such great community use.

~ Sarayu


Anyone else inspired to make something new out of something old? We definitely are!  Thanks to our amazing members for coming up with ideas to make our studio environmentally friendly.

We’re looking forward to sprucing the studio this April. Watch this space for more information…