Why does hot yoga make you feel so good?

Valentine's Day yoga

Secret Benefits of Hot Yoga

Whether you’re a regular hot yogi at our Brixton studio or you’re taking your very first class, you’ll soon be reaping the rewards of frequent hot yoga practice.

Known to work in tandem with body and mind, most members feel a positive impact after their first few hot yoga classes. Some members are known to use hot yoga as a preventative for injury sustained in other sports or high impact activities.

Well documented major benefits of hot yoga practice include: increased strength, flexibility and positive wellbeing. But what about the other life enhancers? Boosting stamina, glowing skin and enhanced libido. Oh yeah – we love those too!

Skin Deep Beauty

Hot yoga is great for your skin. Sweating during class will naturally exfoliate all those dead skill cells and they’ll rub right off, leaving you feeling lighter and brighter – not to mention smoother.

Avoiding Injury

There’s less chance of injury as the heat helps your joints and muscles stretch deeply, breathing oxygen into your body for the optimum stretch. Hot yoga is also an excellent partner to higher impact activities like running, football and boxing.

Free the Mind

Our members can find the warm room and humidity cathartic; relaxing you on a deeper level and allowing your body and mind to go places you might not go in day to day life. Expect relief from mental and emotional stresses you don’t normally get the chance to deconstruct everyday.

Energy Boost

Your stamina will skye rocket. Other activities such as sports – or even your focus levels at work will be positively affected and you’ll be able to work smarter for longer. Many members enjoy practice first thing in the morning for that very reason: a great and productive start to the day. Which brings us onto…


Hot yoga the libido enhancer! We are serious about this one; by reducing stress, encouraging body and breath awareness and increasing blood flow to your organs, hot yoga can really fire up your libido and sexual energy. Oh and that post class glow… such an aphrodisiac!

Now the Autumn is upon us, how about shifting your day to incorporate an early morning class into your routine? You might find you have more energy throughout the day and you’ll even have time to swing by Brixton Village for a hot drink on your way to work.