Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail… and how to make them Stick

This is it. 2019 is here and we’re raring to go! Resolution time.

You’ve been busy over the festive period making plans, signing up for memberships and buying new fitness gear – well, it’s important to feel good while you sweat and (ahem) January sales.

It’s a classic: ‘New Year, New You’ is beaming out at you from every social media caption along with promises of being stronger, slimmer, more well travelled, better read and maybe even a career change along the way. The intention is strong. But did you know that most New Year’s Resolutions ebb away by the start of March? That’s more of a New Quarter Resolution than a full twelve months.

Fear not! We’ve gathered the Top 5 Tips on maintaining momentum through 2019 and beyond.

1. Be Specific.

Some of the biggest mistakes people make, are setting goals that are too broad, too big, or too many. Get specific and make a list. There’s a school of though which says old-school pen and paper planning helps with the flow of ideas, so write down your goals. Keep the numbers low as we’re more likely to achieve one goal at a time.

2. Tell your friends.

Spread the word and you’re more likely to stick to your plans. Having a group around you to keep you on track when you’re energy is waining can do wonders for motivation. Or alternatively you’ll feel too guilty to hit snooze if you’re taking classes with a friend, but you’ll always feel great afterwards.

3. Reward Yourself.

We are natural pleasure seekers, so knowing there’s a treat at the end of a workout can keep you going. Be kind to yourself and if it didn’t feel weird, maybe a self-love-high-five would do the trick! Incremental steps are key to keeping on track and injury free too.

4. Track Your Progress.

Whether you’re using an app, a poster on your wall or our studio 30 Day Challenge board; keep marking how you’re doing. A common mistake is to expect that each time you’ll be getting better, but the reality is there will be days where your progress has stayed the same or retreated. Don’t give up. This is your bodies way of recovering and learning a new habit or skill. Even the best athletes have days where they don’t achieve a new PB.

5. Be Patient.

As you’ve no doubt read on many an a NY blog, it takes 21 days and more to form a new habit. Some research shows that it takes as long as 66 days! Essentially, our muscles and brain require time to learn, so don’t expect a headstand on day 3 if you’re completely new to yoga. And the payoff is even sweeter after a longer time. Your body has worked and you’ll feel great!

Now, this next bit might come as a shock: you don’t have to be a ‘New You’ to be happy, to develop a new skill or see your body change. Being specific, knowing your target and training hard in 2019 is all you need. We prefer to think of resolutions as ‘add-ons’ or development, because you’re fantastic as you are!

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